Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media is part of everyday life now and allows you to communicate and engage with your audience on a daily basis. Social Media is the best platform to build and maintain lasting relationships with people. Social Media and Digital Marketing are both all about communication and we concentrate on communicating with your customers in a way that enforces your reputation and builds a powerful connection with your brand. 

As a Social Media Marketing Specialist we will be able to develop a social media and brand strategy for your company, which we can then implement into your advertising, effectively connecting you with your audience. 

We are creative with our social media, as it is where your reputation lives and breathes, so we know you have to be inspirational with your stories and effective when sharing videos and post in a way that captures peoples attention and allows them to hear your brand message over all the noise.

We offer everything to allow you to achieve your companies mission through Social Media Marketing:

  • Social Media Strategies
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook Advertising)
  • Creative for Social Media (Posts, Stories, Offers, Events and more)
  • Social Media Apps

Through the tools listed above we are able to offer the ability to tailor your strategy to what works best for your business.

Our Process:

  • Audit - We will carry out a detailed audit of your current Social Media with you through a number of methods to discover the right way forward for your business and it's brand.
  • Strategy - We will then create a strategy for your business based upon the findings from our audit. This will include the KPIs we will be working towards with your business and the map of what we will need to do to achieve them. 
  • Implement - We then take the strategy and the plan and implement it, using the latest tools and techniques to take control of your campaign and steer it in the desired direction. We make sure to keep you up to date with the process and progress towards meeting the KPIs and desired outcomes.
  • Review - We will review the implementation constantly and update you accordingly. We will be making constant tweaks was everyday there is a change on Social Media, making it one of the more exciting platforms, as your customers will be active on a daily basis and therefore we will review accordingly. 
  • Feedback & Changes - We will gather the feedback from the review phase and list any changes that are required, then we will implement and blend them into the current strategy, adapting the campaign to suit and maintain active Social Media accounts and ROI (Return On Investment).