How to get clients for business easily - Pixel Scout Review

How to easily acquire clients for your Digital Marketing Agency.

Are you starting out in digital marketing with your own agency or just starting to run FB ads for local businesses.

Whether running a full agency or just starting out, getting clients is a very important part of running your business.

There are many ways to get clients and you will need to do all of them, attend networking (in person), emails and online prospecting, and setting up funnels to allow people to sign up / contact you, which you can use the emails and paid advertising to attract (potential) clients into this.

Pixel Scout is a new all in one prospecting software that takes care of the second half of this for you. The bonus of this being that this will find you the right clients, ones that require your services, and prospect them for you so that when they contact you they already know who you are, how you can help them and they will be contacting yours will be interested and are worth more as a client as this is someone who has contacted and signed up to you.

In our experience these clients are always worth more as they are willing to work with you, they are long term clients if you want them to be and are normally looking for help with SEO, Facebook ads and their website.

So if you do not do all of the above for prospecting clients then you will 100% need to sign up for this software.

If you already do it, then you will want to have a look as this software will make your online prospecting 10x easier and also much faster.

So how do I get started?

We found that having a software that has everything in one place made it a much faster process. Previously online prospecting consisted of searching for a KW and then scrolling through Google and finding the clients near you or in your niche.

Then you would need to list all of the clients and individually go to their website, then use a tool to check the website, check the state of the website and social media. A separate tool to check the connection between the website and social media and then check the business listings in google.

Then you would need to go through and see that each of them has their google ads tags and analytics tags using the Google Tag Manager (Google Chrome Extension) and also check the FB pixel for each website, if they have them, using the FB Pixel helper tool (Google Chrome Extension).

We recommend that you do have these extensions installed anyway, as then when assessing client sites in future, the information is right there for you to use. However for this process when prospecting it is still a very long way of doing this.

That is where prospecting software comes in. These softwares used to be dodgy and not very good and some were very sketchy and didn’t always find the right client and had very low success rates (from our own experience).

This is where Pixel Scout comes in as it does the job of more than one software and also they creators added additional content which will teach you how to get the best results from the software an then you have written for you email templates, which are proven to work. You can then copy these and edit to suit your own niche and then use them and get clients signing up for call backs / further contact from you and this will score you clients.

How do I know that this will actually get me clients?

Pixel scout estimate a 5-10% success rate with their software (this will vary depending on you and your ability to close the deal) but even contacting 200 business per day using the software is easy and something that can be done in less than 30 minutes.

The tool starts by finding 1000’s of businesses in Google based on your search terms and then you will be able to go through and select the businesses that require further help from you, the tool tells you, if they are set up for: FB pixel, Google Ads Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Maps (My Business registered), Open Graph (Social Media tags / integration), SSL certificate in place, Signed up with Yellow pages (directory), Schema set up correctly or at all? And more…

The amount information this provides within seconds is astounding and such a time saver.

Anyone who does online prospecting already will understand this is a lot of information to receive within a matter of seconds. And it doesn’t end there as you simple add the business to your list, and Pixel Scout then creates and generates the email template with a report automatically created for you, telling the client that they have these things and more missing from their site, that this is hurting their SEO, rankings dntherefore business will suffer. All they have to do is then click one button and the email auto generates a landing page, through the software to capture the client details that they fill out, which in turn is sent back to you.

This is completed within a matter of minutes and the fact that you can do this in bulk and do 100’s of businesses per day, means with a 5% opt in rate, you will still have more clients and leads then you can shake a stick at…

Pixel Scout really does offer the all in one prospecting package to make getting clients online a much simpler and less time consuming process.

The packages start from $40 and if you estimate that even if you only receive 1 client from this in the first 2 weeks, you are making a massive ROI. So this software really is worth it.

You can find out even more details about it here.

You can also watch this video review of the software.

We talk through the benefits of the software and how much time, money and effort this will save you. We then also show the software itself and how easy it is to work with and how ith a few clicks of a button, you too can get more clients, more money and more success for your agency.

Now you know how to get clients easily for your business and can get Pixel Scout and get started…

How to boost Amazon PPC Sales and reduce ACOS

Selling on Amazon is becoming more costly as the competition increases and the dependance on the Amazon ad platform increases.

Why do I need to use Amazon PPC advertising?

There are only so many spots on pages when you search and (depending on your search parameters) 5 to 6 of the spots are ads.

So when you sell on Amazon you need to be using the Amazon ads platform, as even when you are successfully ranked organically, you need to be advertising and keeping your competition out of the top spots ad to also grow your own product, brand and add sales.

Think of it as, if a potential customer searches for a search term and then sees your product twice within the first 3-5 products, organically and as a sponsored ad, then they will naturally be drawn towards looking at your product page. This has therefore doubled your chances of being clicked on and seen by customers.

For those thinking of turning off ads when they get to a high position, this is something that we do not recommend. When people talk about this we always say, that look at the big brands, Coca-Cola doesn’t stop ads, when it is number 1? Now you may say, “they have a big budget” however they are advertising the brand, as are many big brands and we feel that this is because whatever size you are advertising the Brand and your products in the right way, is the way to get the customers attention, if you are number one that means you are doing something right but doesn’t mean you should stop advertising.

So we know that using the Amazon ads platform is quite important and if you sell on Amazon, pretty much a necessity.

We can therefore move onto the important point of how do I do this in a cost effective way, without spending huge amounts of money on PPC and actually get some sales and returns for this.

Thank fully, we have been working on Amazon PPC for about 2 years now and finally can say that we have a strategy that works and is proven and is easy too implement, if you have the right tools.

So first, you need to get the right tools.

If you are just starting out and have only one or two products to manage, there is no real need to do this, however it will supercharge your advertising and speed up the results, though it is not necessary to have a PPC management tool.

If however you are a larger seller with 5 or more products, have good rankings and even may have some decent PPC and are looking to reduce ACOS and improve sales, whilst growing further, this is perfect for you and we recommend you get a PPC management tool now.

We use ZON TOOLS and do recommend this to all of our clients. There are others out there but we do find ZON TOOLS easy to use, set up, manage and the price is good for what you get.

They have also recently released PAT campaigns, which tie into your product range, so that you can have a separate campaign running for attacking competitor products (ASIN targeting) and defending your other products within your brand / product range. So this is also geared towards the Private Label sellers who are looking to grow their Brand and products and build a customer base, who will be loyal and excited by the brand in future.

You can check out ZON TOOLS here and find out what they can do for you.

So how does this help reduce spend, increase sales and decrease ACOS?

First a PPC management tool will be able to decrease the spend of your campaigns, as it will (over the first 2-3 weeks) bring you cheaper clicks, as it will manage the CPC constantly to find the lowest CPC that works and gets clicks and more importantly sales.

The software will also stop any high cost terms / KWs. So the software identifies them and pauses them if it is spending too much against your budget, that you have set. This together means that your average CPC will go down and CTR and CPC are two of the most important indicators of a successful campaign in Amazon and a tool like Zon.Tools will manage the CPC and bring it to a lower average position for each campaign.

This reduces CPC and overall cost of your campaigns, getting you clicks for less and providing your listing is optimised, sales.

Getting more clicks will increase your click through rate as well, which will increase the campaign score within Amazon, so Amazon will rank your campaign as more successful and this will actually help your sponsored posts to rank better (part of Amazons algorithm for positioning your sponsored product) as well as maintaining a high CTR, low CPC and this will result in more sales and therefore a lower ACOS.

This will come naturally as a result from using a software like ZON.TOOLS which you can check out here.

So if you are looking to reduce your spend, increase your sales and ROI on Amazon, then this is the place to start. Check out what else Zon Tools can do for you.

If you need any further assistance with your Amazon PPC and getting started, we also have the ability to help you out, set you up in Zon Tools and get you started on the path to profitable Amazon campaigns… CONTACT US HERE

LinkedIn - 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid for 2017

LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals.

It enables employees to get ahead in their careers, while for businesses it enables them to promote their brand and helps attract new business. The fact that LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media sites still in existence (it was launched in 2003) and still continues to be used by millions across the world, shows that this platform is a powerful marketing tool for businesses…but only if it is used effectively.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes businesses make on LinkedIn that prevents them from gaining the full benefits of this platform.

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Does Your Business Need a Social Media Policy?

Whenever I do social media training or consultations one area I always mention is the importance of a business having a social media policy. While some businesses are pro-active and ensure that they have a thorough and up-to-date policy at all times, many businesses I speak to are more informal about their social media policy or do not have one at all.

While a few years ago this relaxed view would have been fine, in today’s increasingly social media savvy world it is far more important to ensure your business’ social media is protected through a comprehensive social media policy. As there are occasions where Facebook posts have gotten companies in the media, and without the correct policy they cannot hope to combat this. 

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The right social media platform for your business

The first question you should ask yourself when evaluating your social media is: are you using the right platform for your business?

Most businesses will immediately set up a Facebook page, many will also add LinkedIn and Twitter; maybe even an Instagram account as well. Some will decide to go all in and set up accounts on all the major social media platforms from SnapChat to YouTube.

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Content Marketing - The brands that are winning

Good content marketing will help a brand to grow and increase its customer base. It will help to drive traffic to a website and, ultimately, lead to an increase in sales and revenue generated. The internet is full of good content marketing, but these brands are the ones that have managed to get in front of their competition with great content marketing in recent years. So much so, people look forward to the John Lewis Christmas Advert and now other Brands are replicating this.

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Beginners Guide to Measuring your SEO

People often ask, “I’ve spent a couple of months working on the website, but how do I know if SEO is working for my website? What can I do to measure my SEO performance?” 

Does that sound anything like you? If you’re one of the people who wonders how, let me guide you through this post. As we all know, SEO is constantly evolving. Therefore, it is very important for us to measure SEO success

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Use Schema and Google Tags to boost your SEO

First what are schema tags?

Schema mark up tags are pieces of code that sit on your website and show search engines key information about your website, therefore allowing you to be ranked in relevant searches. 

If you’ve ever used rich snippets, you’ll understand exactly what schema markup is all about.

You can add local business details and event details to your mark up, allowing google to show your event details in a local search, which can be very useful for you and your customers. 

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Facebook Live 360 Video!!!

This is pretty awesome guys that you can shoot in 360 a Facebook live video, giving your audience the ability to discover your surroundings. 

Are you currently using FB Live? It's great for generating engagement. 

In 2016, Facebook released live video broadcasting to all Facebook users. The move was closely followed by Twitter and Instagram since both realized that live video delivers a sense of urgency and exclusivity that no other content form can match and now forms a vital part of everyday social media.

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Friday night Thoughts.... Marketing Psychology & Ideal Buyers

Marketing depends on a companies goals, whether to convince people to use their service over competitors or to buy their product, each business has their own goal (us included). This can all be broken down into finding a customer or person with the right attitude, psychology that meets the design of your product / service.

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