META Titles, Descriptions and Keywords

Now you have your Keywords - lets use them

From the previous Blog we showed you how to find your keywords using SEMRush.

Now you have them, you will want to start using them and first of all, when using keywords try to put ONE (no more) in your Blog / Page title.

  • Your Meta Title is the keyword or Meta Tag that you use in your title.
  • Meta Description is the description that shows on the search engine about your website or blog.
  • Keywords are the words / sentences that allow traffic and search engines to find and understand your website / blog and what it is about.

Adding a relevant meta description will give more insight about your page to search engine bots. I suggest that you use your keyword in your meta title, meta description and meta keyword field along with an H1 tag. Also, try to write more SEO friendly articles by using H1, H2, and H3 tags. However, don’t overuse heading tags, as improper headings and too many H2 or H3 tags can lead to a negative ranking.

Meta descriptions can be added to your website but are limited to 160 characters, so try to keep your description short and to the point. This is a very important part of on page SEO, as this is the main description that people searching for your site will see and is what search engines, show and will look for themselves.

Adding keywords to your titles and descriptions will help your rankings and grow your website traffic and popularity.

Using all of these correctly will greatly help your ranking in search engines and improve your overall SEO but if you need any further assistance, contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.