Start Search Engine Optimisation for your Website

SEO? What is that?

I wanted to give everyone who is still confused about Search Engine Optimisation the basics, to get them going.

Here I will only cover the on page things to start with, as I don't want to start confusing people, but just know that you have on page SEO which is what you do to your page. 

Off page SEO is what you do off your page, blogging on other peoples websites (building back links). Off page is as important as on page and all SEO has to be on going to ensure your website remains high in search results. 

To get started, follow these first steps and start your journey:

  • Install Google Analytics. Essential to measure key SEO metrics like website traffic, conversions and revenue. Use Semrush to measure keyword ranking and link building.
  • Verify Your Site in Google Search Console. This free tool allows you to check how the search engines view your site with reports about indexing status, search queries, crawl errors and penalties. To learn more, read this helpful guide.
  • Improve Website Performance & Speed. Analyze your site with Google PageSpeed Insights. Aim to score 80+.
  • Take the Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Your site should deliver a great user experience across all devices. Extra important now that Google’s algorithm favours mobile friendly sites.
  • Brainstorm for Keyword Ideas. Hack Wikipedia for Topic Ideas and Synonyms. Generate 1000’s of long tail keywords ideas using 3 automated tools: Google AutocompleteUbersuggest Keyword Shitter [all free].Discover untapped keywords and topics using Quora.
  • Follow Best Practices for URL’s. Use short and sweet URLs. Always-use-hyphens-in-urls. Never_use_underscores_in_urls.
  • Optimize for the Google Image Search Results. Include target keyword in the file name and add alt text to images when uploading.
  • Reduce Bounce Rates. Make the topic clear by including your target keyword in the first 100 words of your article.

Remember off page as well:

  • Link Building Strategy. Not all backlinks are created equal. Your goal should be to earn quality “do follow” back links from high ranking pages in your niche. Earn these naturally by creating (and promoting!) content worth linking to.

Following these simple steps, will put you in good stead for Search Engine Optimisation. 

This will allow your website to start being found, however don't think that once you've done this once that's it.

SEO is an ongoing and ever changing tool, that you must use if you want your website to be productive. 

If you feel you still don't understand or this would take up too much time, sign up for a free Business Audit from us and we can assess where you need help and can then help you with your Search Engine Optimisation and get you visitors and help optimise your site for conversion. 

Please contact us if you would like our Digital Marketing Agency to help you?

Thank you.