Digital Marketing Trends 2017

Digital Marketing Trends 2017

Everybody, every digital agency is asking what are the next big trends for 2017?

Wouldn't you like to know? Well we (think) we have the answers here!

We trawled the internet, asked other companies and gathered the information to get the latest trends and thought we would then share them with yourselves. 

The key take away points are:

  • Live Video
  • Virtual Reality
  • Personalised Content, not a one size fits all approach
  • Better defined signals, I'm ready to buy, compared to I'm browsing
  • Cross Platform Branded Content Campaigns
  • Facebook & Instagram growing their share of the market and advertising. 

We think personalisation is going to be the winning bet this year. It’s the newest chapter of an already ongoing and ever-strengthening trend, the trend of shifting from ads to information. The more data available out there, and the more connected digital marketing tools become, mediocre quality or poorly targeted marketing will become more and more ineffective.

Personalisation, on the other hand can seriously boost up conversion rates, and the most interesting thing is that this kind of supreme quality becomes more and more available for smaller players on the market.

To do this it does mean less automation and more involvement but the pay off is worth a lot. Just spending a bit more time on your posts, tailoring them to your audience and adding your own personal touch to the content. 

To combine the trends you can make personalised live video, personally I'm looking forward to creating more live content for myself and clients and interested to see how Facebook and Instagram will change in the coming year.