Facebook Apps - The next big thing for your Facebook Page

Facebook Apps

Examples of why these are important for your Facebook page:

Here at Bright Blue, we understand the importance of having these apps on your page and associated with your business.

First it shows that you understand Facebook marketing and second allows you to unlock so many features. It allows you to connect with more people and more importantly it allows you to collect data and information about your customers / potential customers. 

Some examples below to give you some ideas of how to use these to best effect for your business:

Here’s how the Huffington Post is using Facebook Connect on their website.

When a user goes through the Facebook application they connect, Huffington post captures their information then they have the option to subscribe for more updates from Huffington post building their database.


Huffington post now have over 870,000 people using their Facebook application on a monthly basis.


Another example is CQ Wellington, New Zealand – they used an app as a way to collect names for a database, and instantly generate a unique code the individual can use for VIP deals in-house! This mean massive cost savings and increased interest and custom. 


This is a great way to generate interest in your business and if it is something that you are interested in having we offer it as part of our social media marketing and we can build Facebook apps for you, to help grow interest in your business. Contact Us today for more.