Facebook Live 360 Video!!!

WOW just WOW, now everyone (with a 360 camera or attachment) can use it with FB Live!

This is pretty awesome guys that you can shoot in 360 a Facebook live video, giving your audience the ability to discover your surroundings. 

Are you currently using FB Live? It's great for generating engagement. 

In 2016, Facebook released live video broadcasting to all Facebook users. The move was closely followed by Twitter and Instagram since both realized that live video delivers a sense of urgency and exclusivity that no other content form can match and now forms a vital part of everyday social media.

As part of that experimentation, Facebook worked with National Geographic to provide live 360-degree videos to the Nat Geo audience. An early broadcast took viewers to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah to watch a discussion with researchers. The experience also allowed viewers to explore the Martian-like desert setting in Utah in real time by clicking and dragging on the video to shift their view to the left, right, up, and down.

Now Facebook Live 360 can be broadcast from Facebook profiles, as well as from business pages. Worried your viewers may miss something important as they explore your video? You can use the Facebook Guide tool to edit your Live 360 footage after your broadcast. Guide lets you call attention to specific points of interest in your 360 video so viewers are directed to key portions of your content that may be out of view as they pan around. Like other live videos, you’ll get to see comments and reactions, and you can download your videos for later broadcasts. You can even boost your Live 360 video, as a promoted post. 

The next steps:

1 - Choose a 360 Camera:

You will need a camera that shoots in 360, which you can get a full camera like the Samsung Gear 360 for £349 or the Ricoh Theta S for £299. 

Or you can get an attachment for your phone that turns it into a 360 camera, which is great if you are on the move, such as the Insta 360 for £209. 

Once you have your camera, you can start shooting. Then....

2 - Choose your environment:

Choose carefully as you want to keep people entertained, engaged. Walk around move about so that people can see what else is happening around you and will stay watching, instead of switching off. Don't just sit at your desk in your office, make the most of it, go outside, shoot from a beautiful location and remember what may be mundane to you isn't for everyone else, so again think of your audience. 

3 - Considerations for Mobile shooting:

Facebook will allow you to live stream for up to four hours, but Live 360 video is such a big draw on battery power you’re unlikely to get that far with a mobile device. Instead, shoot for broadcasts that last 10 to 20 minutes.

In addition, while you can use your mobile data connection to broadcast a Live 360 video, Facebook recommends you secure a download speed of at least 4 Mbps for best results. Without good WiFi or good 4G, you can expect the video to look a little blurry and pixelated.


You can use live video to drive higher engagement when you have special events, behind the scenes footage and even conferences, to allow those who cannot be there in person to catch the latest news and feel included. 

Live video has given Social Media a new sense of urgency ad live 360 has added a whole new level to this. Its making the content even more interactive, so you can se around the person, ask them questions (through the comments) and like what they are saying. 

So go out there and make the most of it, as I'm sure Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Snapchat will be next, even Periscope. It requires buying a 360 camera, which isn't cheap but depending on how useful this will be to you, it will be well worth the investment. 

What do you think? How are you planning to use Live video on Facebook, for your business or personal page?

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