An Overview of Digital Marketing

To truly understand marketing and what we do, we had an idea to describe online marketing, how it started and has evolved with the times and trends over time. Ending with the information age and the period we currently find ourselves in where we are swamped with ads, and information everyday sometimes more than we can cope with and there is no sign of the information overload stopping, although there are signs of improvement in the recent past, with such services emerging that allow you to cut through the noise and get to the information that you actually want, Social Media is now only showing you what it thinks is more relevant to you. Targeting and re targeting is now the best way to get the "right attention".

So here is a brief overview, leading to a "brighter" future ;)

"To date, marketing as a human activity is around 160 years old. Theories and strategies, the methodology of marketing policies and of enterprises have changed and transformed constantly towards a better understanding of the relationship with the consumer in general.

And accordingly, in the information age, with the development of the Internet in almost every household, digital (Internet) marketing is now the most important form of marketing for anyone or anything. This, one of the most natural stages in the development of marketing, when elements of marketing tools penetrate into people's everyday lives and almost every activity they carry out. When you go online and search for something online or log into social media, practically all your movement on the Internet consists of sites where you are under marketer's targeting. But the evolutionary nature of this digital marketing lies in its proven adaptation to specific customer groups. Therefore, you as a consumer, now get the information that you are most interested in, is relevant and beneficial to you and the contents producer does not waste their time or resources on an audience that is beyond the target".

Therefore the age of information overload is coming to an end, providing you are able to reach your target audience and get your message across in the "right" way, then you can help the world progress from the "information age" to the next stage of evolution - knowledge. This is where we can help you, we can help find your right audience and give you the tools and help to address the target audience with the correct information at the right time and place.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for more information and tips.

Bright Blue Digital Marketing - Join us today!

Bright Blue Digital Marketing - Join us today!