• Content Marketing (Google cares, so should you)
  • Copywriting (Blogposts, How to..)
  • Video Content
  • Visual Content

Content Marketing

All marketing is effectively content marketing and unlike other agencies who will treat this as an additional service we understand that to be successful you need great content and we will provide that as part of our core services, so as part of every service we offer, we will ensure that GREAT CONTENT is included, from Facebook Live Videos and Social Media Posts to Blogging and SEO. In fact part of SEO is having great content on your site, so that is exactly what we do when we create a webpage, post or blog for your business. Remember online CONTENT IS KING.

To develop content we work closely with your brand to develop a voice that tells people exciting, inspiring and entertaining stories. We create content to achieve results. We do this through, blogposts, articles, visual content and stories that connect with your audience and build your brand with genuinely useful material.

We do offer additional content marketing to add to the basics though, this may be an increase in postings and blogging. Our team is always looking to improve and make sure that we are up to date with the latest content and therefore be able to offer you the best service available, and that is what we do.

Our Process:

  • Audit - We will carry out a detailed audit of your current website (or if you don't have one we can help you with this as well) through a number of methods to discover the right way forward for your business and it's brand, assessing what method will work for your niche.
  • Strategy - We will then create a strategy for your business based upon the findings from our audit. This will allow us to realise the content desired by your target audience, so that we can tailor our creative content to match, therefore giving your brand an engaging story for your audience to get excited by. 
  • Implement - We then take the strategy and implement it, using the latest tools and techniques to take control of your campaign and steer it in the desired direction, using the creative tools at our disposal (video, stories). 
  • Review - We will review the action (implementation stage) constantly and update you accordingly. We will be making constant tweaks to ensure your audience is engaged and remains engaged with your brand and your customer base is growing.
  • Feedback & Changes - We will gather the feedback from the review phase and list any changes that are required, then we will implement and blend them into the current strategy, to create more effective content within your desired marketing strategy.